David DeSaussure Bull

David DeSaussure Bull

While David DeSaussure Bull now resides with his family in Aspen, CO, he was born on an Air Force Base in South Carolina. Artistic ability ran in his family. His Aunt was a renowned oil painter and his Grandfather an expert wood carver and sculptor.

As a boy David always loved drawing and sculpting. At the age of ten he won his first art contest by carving Julius Caesar from a bar of ivory soap! While things have come a long way since then, David is still a sculpture at heart and to this day crafts his designs by hand. Truly a labor of love!

“My mission is to provide my clients, and men in particular, a diverse line of accessories that possess a consistent aesthetic – Innovative, artistically original designs, of high quality and exceptional value.”   ~ David D. Bull

Giving Back is Important to this Aspen Designer

David is passionate about giving back and Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project are two organizations near to his heart. Read more.

Custom Jewelry Design in Platinum and Gold

David attended the Gemological Institute of America in 1989 and received his Graduate Gemologist diploma. He relocated to Chicago, Illinois and worked for 5 years on Jewelers Row as a casting apprentice and wax carver. In 1997 he co-founded Casting House and as CEO helped grow the well-respected jewelry manufacturing company into national prominence. While with Casting House, David personally cast over 10,000 platinum designs and 30,000 gold and silver pieces.

Diamond Grading in the Rough from Cameroon to Aspen

From Chicago, it was a circuitous journey to Aspen, Colorado. David attended American Jewelers Institute and received extensive training in the grading of diamond rough. He subsequently made regular trips to Cameroon, West Guinea, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a diamond rough buyer, bringing the diamond rough back to the US to be cut and sold in retail stores.

Because of David’s extensive jewelry experience, he was hired by a large company, with 24 retail stores, located on Grand Cayman BWI as the head of jewelry custom-jewelry design and manufacturing, and repair services. He held this position for three years before relocating his family to Aspen, Colorado. It is here he opened David Bull, Inc., which manufactures custom jewelry and high end men’s accessories.

Custom Jewelry Designer at Home in Aspen

gia_certified_diamonds_engagement_rings_aspen_Now happily a part of the community in Aspen, Colorado, David focuses on his family and custom jewelry and accessory design. David brings over 25 years experience in all aspects of the industry and is expert all related skills:  Casting, polishing, stone setting, enameling and wax carving. David is exceptionally well-versed in laser welding and custom jewelry design using CAD software.

Custom Men’s Accessories Made in Aspen USA

After all these years in the industry, David’s special passion is men’s accessories: Cuff links, wallets, belts, pens and key chains.

“Men’s accessories have become an afterthought to big design houses who create boilerplate products which lack imagination, quality and variety. Accessories possessing originality and artistic merit are hard to find. Most independent designers concentrate on a single accessory, rather than a full range of accessories. Hence, there are few accessory lines which possess a coherent ‘look’ associated with originality, quality and value. THIS is why I love what I do!”   ~ David D. Bull