Accessorize for Successs - How to Tie a Scarf 100 WaysWomen have made accessorizing an art form. It’s apparently in their DNA. And yes, there are at least 50 ways to tie a scarf; still we are bound to find a few more! Designers and apparel companies have given women literally thousands of accessories to choose from: Handbags, shoes, jewelry, belts, and dresses. The list goes on and on.

Alas, as men we have no where near the accessory choices as women. The good thing is, our lives are a little simpler. We don’t have to make so many decisions about how to dress. The bad thing is we don’t have a lot of options on how to accessorize and then really stand out. The conclusion then is this: With fewer accessories to choose from, we need to be more discerning about what we wear and the quality of our accessories.

High Quality Accessories for Men Reflect a Positive Image

With other guys all wearing better quality suits and looking pretty much the same, accessories can be the difference between just looking good, like everybody else or looking great! Be aware that men and women notice both consciously and unconsciously just about everything about our appearance and it is usually within the first 5 seconds. Also be aware that the eye is drawn to dissimilarities and contrast.

Ever sit down to talk with someone who had a mustard stain on their shirt or a piece of spinach in their teeth? Hard to focus on anything else wasn’t it? Assuming you have no stains on your shirt or spinach in your teeth, wearing beautiful, high quality accessories can draw the same attention to your appearance, except in a very positive way. Think of your accessories as little mirrors. When they look great they reflect positively on you and can create a great impression.


Examine Your “Xcessories” Pretty Darn Quick! Before you go out and spend a lot of money on new accessories, evaluate the accessories you do have. Do they have a designer’s logo or name on them? While it might seem superficial, wearing brand name accessories creates an association with quality and success. Many men put their money into a really nice watch. But don’t stop there. Notice the condition of your ties: are there any stains, loose threads? Do they still go with your suits? Either clean the ties or buy some new ones. How do your belt buckles look? Are they scratched or dirty?

Remember, just because others don’t say anything doesn’t mean they don’t notice. Take the time to be picky about the condition of your accessories. Wipe off the fingerprints off your belt buckle or a polish it! Look at your belt. You can actually polish it just like your shoes and it will look great! Then look at your wallet. If the corners have gotten ratty and frayed it might be time to consider upgrading to a new wallet. Maybe you can buy one for everyday use and another for business or dress up occasions.

As men, we are mostly pragmatic about the condition of a wallet: If it still holds our credit cards and currency it must still be a good wallet. However a frayed wallet sends the opposite message: ‘Worn out wallet, the owner can’t afford something nicer and must be broke.’ Nice wallets come in a variety of materials and accordingly go up in price: cowhide, calfskin, ostrich, skate and then alligator.

Cufflinks Make the Man

Cufflinks are a nice addition for looking great at the office or for really dressing up. Cufflinks are worn with French cuff shirts which look and feel elegant. Many guy’s associate cuff links with only black tie occasions, but wearing them 2 to 3 times a week at the office will really make you stand out and draw positive attention. It is such a contrast to the casual dress code that has become prevalent in so many offices.

Wearing really smart accessories can make you feel great and add to your self-confidence, giving you a feeling of power. If it is true that the small details can make an impression in the first 5 seconds, use that to your advantage by wearing great looking, high quality accessories!

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